As a writer and a witch I want to page through the paranormal and see the signs hidden in the crystal ball.

But, we’re out of milk, and if I don’t hit my deadline my bank account will go belly up.

fullsizerender3If only writing were easier!

All the writers I have ever known fend off fears, doubts, and harsh opinions before they can face the page.  No wonder I wish for writing magic!

This blog records my better attempts at creating that magic by using:

  • Writing Techniques
  • Books for Writers
  • Inspirational Words
  • Prompts
  • Writing Magic

With Writing Magic in mind, I will also share my personal beliefs as a solitary witch.  My observations of Moon Phases, reflections under Full Moons, and celebrations of The Wheel of the Year all serve to explore the magic I observe every day.  Recording it here will, hopefully, help me distill my experiences and remember.

So, welcome and Blessed Be!