As much as I wanted to bask in the Snow Moon’s glow this month, sure and bright in my purpose, there was a whole lot of life to reconcile first.  I let things get in the way.  Sure, toddlers and work and holidays are all good excuses, but now the distance has grown and I feel awful.  I hesitate and bury my intentions under practicalities and procrastinations.  Well, now the new year is on its way and I need to fight my way back onto my path.

I could pretend I know the way and write you a blog post about my almost-certain success, but that is why I took a break from blogging in the first place.  I’m not here to present you with a perfect slice of my perfect life.

“Ring the bells that still can ring

Forget your perfect offering

There’s a crack in everything

That’s how the light gets in”  – Leonard Cohen

In fact, that’s the biggest shadow the Snow Moon showed me.  I want to record my path (as much a map for me as for others) and share what has worked along the way.  What I don’t want, is to take my experiences and sanitize them into a perfect blog.

I didn’t plan this post and I fought off the urge to apologize for that just now.

This is me in the dark, hoping to see a star or two soon.  This is me trying to name all the flickering lights that guide me.  This is me hoping that if I describe them here I will see them again and know which way to go.  So, in no particular order, these are the glimpses I’m getting for the future of this blog:

Magic, Belief, Ritual, Inspiration, Quotes, Stories, Struggles, Attempts, Awe, and Thanks.

I believe there is magic in writing and power in rituals.  I believe in trying, reflecting, learning from others, and attempting it all over again.  I believe my self-deprecation saves me from taking life too seriously (and missing the whole point).  I believe there is strength in wonder and healing in gratitude.

I believe I’ll come back to this little window and explore all of this more. . .