Warmer weather means time outside and thank the Goddess for that!  I don’t always have a lot of time outside, but even a few moments is enough time to build a Minute Altar.


Stacking pebbles creates a small focus and a small bit of structure in a chaotic world.  Like the rock cairns of Norse countries this simple action marks for a moment where I am.  Travelers use cairns as trail markers and these tiny altars remind me that no matter where I am, I am on my path.

No matter where I am, I am on my path.

Add any nearby offerings and it quickly becomes an altar.  You can use anything you can find:

  • pebbles
  • flowers
  • blades of grass
  • coins – always good luck if you find them!
  • sticks
  • seeds
  • leaves

The real secret is to take a few moments wherever you are to create an offering.  Sometimes the message you receive in return is obvious, and sometimes taking the time to say ‘thank you’ is the gift you can carry the rest of the day.


wqHq6n1465655118I also use Minute Altars inside (by the way, I love the ambiguity of typing the name.  These altars only take a minute and, in size, they are minute).  The idea that the objects have all been found that day gives the offerings a fresh and vibrant feel.  It also reminds me that I find tiny signs of the God and Goddess wherever I go, and that is something for which I give thanks.