In spring the New Moon has a stronger pull.  The dark dirt of freshly turned gardens reflects the moonless sky.  Seeds are scattered like stars and it is the perfect time to plant a new intention.

For me, the New Moon is a time of introspection and quiet.  How do I accomplish that with two toddlers?  An altar only I can reach, a five card Tarot spread to focus my thoughts, a small slip of paper that I decorate as a minute meditation throughout the day, and a simple New Moon Spell.

The New Moon is a time of positive changes.  It is the night to decide on a new intention and plant the seed.  When I first began practicing this ritual, I was intimidated.  I was afraid whichever intention I chose would be wiped away by my everyday life.  My first positive change was to believe.

It is a common superstition that it takes 21-30 days to form a new habit.  Funny how that time frame reflects the monthly moon phases.  At first, I chose grand ideas, lofty goals and was depressed every time they failed.  Once I started asking the spirits for help in setting my intention, I found positive changes I could sustain.  Seeing as I have trouble forming a linear thought without toddler interruption, I use Tarot cards to guide me.

Divination lifts my thoughts above what I think I wanted to what I really need.


The New Moon Tarot Spread mirrors how the moon’s face reappears during rotation.

  1. The Moon’s Message – this is the overall theme for the month and the larger message of your new intention.
  2. The Seed – this card shows how open you are to receiving the moon’s energies and it is your personal potential.
  3. Emerging Energies – this card reveals what can grow, it hints at how newfound energies can help you accomplish what you intend.
  4. Light from Above – this card illuminates how you can cultivate your intention and what help you will be given.
  5. Release – this card suggests what patterns or thoughts you should turn away from, release old, unhelpful ways.

As much as I want to spend time meditating on the New Moon, I am usually chasing toddlers and doing chores.  So, I keep an eye on my altar and let it remind me what I celebrate.  I think through what the Tarot brought to light.  Some days it feels impossible to keep one foot in the spiritual world, so I keep small magical tasks with me all day.

During the New Moon I carry a simple scrap of paper that I spend stolen moments decorating.  Once the paper is decorated and the children are in bed, I cast a circle and set my new intention.  I write my intention, as specifically as I can, on the paper and fold it three times.  Then I label the outside with this spell:


I place the spell under my cauldron where it will take root.  As the moon phases change, I will work with the spell and build energy to see it come to fruition.