A gray day in toddler-ville.  Suddenly our summer start jumped back to blustery spring.  So, I decided to wear Black Onyx on a Silver chain and ward off negativity.

DSCN0215It is also a good day to take positive action and nothing promotes that more than the secret ingredient in my

Witch’s Brew for Happiness

This can be prepared as a hot tea or mixed cold and served over ice.

DSCN0236First, squeeze a slice of lemon into a glass.  Lemon is great for purification and it boosts happiness.  Lemon refreshes, and not just in a hot, summer day, thirst-quenching kind of way.  The base of this brew will refresh all your energies.

Lemon – aids purification, refreshes, boosts happiness

Next crush fresh mint on top of the lemon.  Mint is most often used to undo hexes and reverse spells.  In this case, mint unwinds negative thoughts.  That is why mint is known to improve mental strength.

Mint – undoes hexes, reverses spells, unwinds negative thoughts, improves mental strength.  Also used for protection and prosperity.

Then add the secret ingredient – clove.  A dash of ground cloves not only gives this brew a bright tang, it also breaks stagnant thinking.  Cloves encourage action.

Clove – breaks stagnant thinking, promotes action, wards off negativity, aids purification

Add a little sugar and you have happiness in a glass!